Help Prevent New York Drunk Driving Accidents This Holiday Season

by Keith Adkins | December 19th, 2014

The holidays have arrived once again in New York, which means it’s time to celebrate the season with your friends and family. Many of the festivities will involve alcohol—so it’s important to refrain from drinking and driving.

New York drunk driving accident numbers tend to spike around Christmas and New Year’s Eve. In fact, dozens of people are injured or killed each year during December as the result of driving under the influence. So to help keep you and your loved ones safe, the Buffalo car accident lawyers with William Mattar Law Offices would like to offer several options to keep your travels safe during the coming weeks:

  • Pledge to Not Drink and Drive- Many organizations are urging drivers to sign a sheet that states they promise to refrain from drinking and driving.
  • Use a Designated Driver- At William Mattar, our team urges drivers to establish a designated driver before going out for the evening. If you find yourself without a driver though, we encourage you to consider using Designated Drivers of Buffalo. The company will meet you at your vehicle and provide you with a driver who will get both you and your vehicle home safely.
  • Call A Cab- If you don’t have a vehicle, simply call a taxi or ride sharing service to get you home safely.

At William Mattar, our team of New York personal injury lawyers hopes these tips will help you to have a safe and happy holiday season!


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Can I Sue Without a Lawyer?

by William Mattar | December 15th, 2014

If you were injured in a crash caused by a commercial tractor trailer, you may be entitled to compensation. But you may be wondering if you can sue for truck accident injuries without a lawyer? William Mattar explains that while anyone can file a truck accident lawsuit, it takes specific knowledge and skills to successfully prosecute such most cases. If you’ve been hurt in a New York truck accident, we’re ready to provide the immediate assistance you need. Time to file your claim may be running out—call our 24/7 team at (800) 317-2424 today.

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Covering Expenses Associated With New York Car Accidents

by Keith Adkins | December 12th, 2014

New York Car Accident Statistics

Driving in New York can be risky—data provided by the New York Department of Motor Vehicles shows that approximately 1,200 motorists lose their lives each year as the result of New York car accidents. In fact, there’s a 57 percent likelihood that you’ll be injured if you’re involved in a motor vehicle collision in New York.

Paying The Costs of a Crash

Between the medical bills, lost wages, property damage, and other expenses, a car accident can be expensive. Considering the number of Western New Yorkers involved in crashes each year, you can imagine finding a way to pay for these costs is a concern to many.

There are several options to help cover accident expenses, including your New York no-fault insurance policy. All insurance policies are required to no-fault carry benefits that will cover the insured motorist’s expenses in the event of an accident, regardless of who is at fault.

Your no-fault insurance coverage will cover your medical bills, as well as lost income if you’re unable to work due to your injuries. If you require rehabilitation or other specialized treatment, your policy should also cover these expenses.

Get The Help You Need

If you’ve been involved in a New York car accident, you may have questions about your legal rights to compensation. At William Mattar Law Offices, we’re here to help. Contact our New York car accident lawyers today at 444-4444.

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Should I Take Photos of My Accident?

by William Mattar | December 8th, 2014

Photographs can help prove the causes of car accidents, but William Mattar of William Mattar Law Offices explains that there are certain types of accidents where you should forego collecting evidence and focus on your safety. If you have questions about your rights after a car accident, call (800) 317-2424 to immediately connect with a member of our 24/7 legal team.

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New York May Tighten Regulations to Eradicate “Chameleon Carriers”

by Keith Adkins | December 5th, 2014

Commercial carriers in our state are required to adhere to strict New York truck driving rules and regulations to ensure the safety of their operations. Companies that fail to meet these standards are typically shut down. In fact, 70 trucking companies in Western New York have been cited for safety violations in the past year. But companies are renaming themselves using the same trucks and drivers—or becoming what’s known as “chameleon carriers.”

This practice is extremely unsafe and can lead to New York truck accidents. State legislators have identified the loopholes that allow this practice to occur and are working to close gaps in the law.

According to an article from The Buffalo News, one New York Law maker is calling for the individual safety records of each driver to be included in the screening process for authority approval of new trucking companies in the state. The move would help keep drivers and companies with poor safety records off of our state’s highways.

While the Buffalo truck accident lawyers here at William Mattar Law Offices applaud these efforts, we realize unsafe companies may continue to operate. Here’s what to do if you’re involved in a truck accident:

  • Get Medical Attention- If you’ve been hurt, the most important thing to do is get the care you need.
  • File a Report- Doing so will help document the accident for official records.
  • Collect Evidence- This includes the police report from the accident as well as pictures and statements from witnesses of the crash.
  • Speak With an Attorney- Before talking to an insurance adjustor or accepting a settlement offer, it’s wise to discuss your legal rights with a lawyer. Our team is available to speak with you about your case anytime—just call 444-4444.
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Who Pays My Medical Bills After a Settlement?

by William Mattar | December 1st, 2014

Plenty of expenses can arise after a car accident, but one of the most significant can be your medical bills. William Mattar, a New York car accident injury lawyer with William Mattar Law Offices, provides several options that may be available to help you cover your car accident medical expenses. If you want to learn more about your rights to compensation after a car accident, we’re available now to answer your questions. Call our 24/7 legal team at (800) 317-2424 to get help now.

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Reporting Minor Car Accidents

by William Mattar | November 24th, 2014

After a seemingly minor car accident, it may be tempting to sweep the incident under the rug. However, William Mattar points out that reporting the incident to your insurer can be crucial when it comes to paying your accident-related expenses, such as medical bills or lost wages from missed time from work. Find out more about how we can help with your car accident claim by calling William Mattar Law Offices at (800) 317-2424.

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Winter Weather Driving Tips to Avoid Buffalo Car Accidents

by Keith Adkins | November 21st, 2014

The massive amounts of snow Buffalo received earlier this week has made national headlines. For locals though, it was just a reminder to prepare for driving in winter weather. That’s why the Buffalo car accident lawyers at William Mattar Law Offices would like to give you several tips to stay safe on slick and icy roads, including:

  • Stay in if Possible- The safest option is to stay home if you don’t have to be on the roads during winter weather.
  • Know the Conditions- If you must travel during snow, sleet, or freezing rain, you should check the road conditions along the route you plan to travel. This website can give you up to date traffic reports in any major city in the U.S.
  • Prepare Your Vehicle- Before driving your car or truck on slick roads, make sure your tires have enough tread and the braking systems are functioning properly. Also make sure your windshield wipers and lights are working.
  • Bring Emergency Supplies- Accidents can happen and in bad weather, it pays to be prepared. So if you’re going to drive in snowy or icy conditions, be sure to pack blankets, flashlights, food, and water. Also make sure your cellphone is fully charged before leaving for your destination.
  • Be Vigilant- Buckle up, drive slow, and by all means, avoid texting and driving.

Our team of attorneys with William Mattar Law Offices hopes these tips help to keep you and your loved ones safe during the coming months of cold and snowy weather!

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Uninsured Motorists and Accidents

by William Mattar | November 17th, 2014

Every motorist in New York is required to carry auto insurance coverage‑but some drivers choose not to obey this rule. That’s why having an auto insurance policy that includes no-fault coverage, supplemental underinsured motorist coverage, and and supplemental underininsured motorist coverage is crucial. Learn more about auto insurance policies and how different levels of coverage can affect you after an auto accident by contacting the 24/7 legal team at William Mattar Law Offices now—just dial (800) 317-2424.

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How You Can Help Rescue a Shelter Animal This November

by Keith Adkins | November 14th, 2014

At William Mattar Law Offices, we love our pets and consider them part of the family. That’s just one reason why we love to support and sponsor the pet adoption organizations located here in Western New York.

You can choose which of those groups should get a helping hand from our firm during the month of November by participating in the William Mattar Pet Photo contest. Until the end of the month, you can go to our Facebook page and post a picture of your furry friends. Then, the photo that receives the most likes will win the opportunity to choose an animal rescue organization to receive a donation from us.

We also would like to take this opportunity to urge you to rescue a shelter animal if you’re considering getting a pet to add to your family. It’s important to remember that many shelters have more than just dogs and cats as well. You also may be able to find rabbits, miniature pigs, and even horses for adoption.

Another way you can help rescue shelter animals is by volunteering with the adoption organizations in your neighborhood. Opportunities can range from taking animals for walks or feedings to simply sitting and snuggling with an animal for a few minutes.

We appreciate any efforts toward supporting the pet adoption organizations in our area and hope you choose to get involved with finding Western New York’s rescued animals their forever homes!

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